Week 1 – 2 Motion Sensor Project – Personel project

PIR Motion Sensor (Three Pin) project. Personal project

motion pic

Fritzig Diagram of Motion Sensor




P.S.  As there WAS NOT a motion sensor image in fritzig menu I used a diffirent availabe sensor on the diagram.


Three photo captures of Motion sensor


Adruino code of the Motion Sensor project

int motion_1 = 2;
int light_1 = 13;
void setup(){
pinMode (motion_1, INPUT);
pinMode (light_1, OUTPUT);
void loop (){
digitalWrite (light_1, LOW);
delay(1000); //this delay is to let the sensor settle down before taking a reading
int sensor_1 = digitalRead(motion_1);
if (sensor_1 == LOW){
digitalWrite(light_1, HIGH);

Flow Chart

Personel Chart code



The Video capture of working motion sensor project



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