Limbs and things trip.

Week beginning 5.03.18


Looking around- When going to Limbs and Things we where shown a couple of the different trainers that the produce. They specialize in creating trainers for student nurses and doctors.

The first of the two that where focused on was the Abdominal trainer  which was a torso that skin could be removed to put different growths inside. So that the students could be tested on abdomen checks finding different growths in different places.

It also can make different sound effects  that would suggest different things depending on the sound. One thing that was commented on was that the kidney set up was really hard to use and they couldn’t get any feedback or even do the right checks on it. It was said that putting to much pressure through the kidney could cause a fair amount of discomfort if done wrong and at worse damage it.

One of the biggest problems that seem to be with this trainer is that the lecturer/trainer has to take the false skin of to change the growth. There is also that there is no feedback that would help the students know when they had done it right or wrong, meaning it was all done to the lecturer to tell whether they had done it right.


The other thing is trainer is fitting a catheter to a patient. This is a fairly simple trainer that you put the catheter into the patient and know when you have dont it right by the fact liquid starts coming from it.

This could be made better by putting more feedback into it by showing discomfort of the patient when its being done wrong so that to begin with the trainee knows when they have done it right and if they are have done it wrong they would get used to a bad reaction so that if/when it happens with a real person for the first time they dont get as flustered.