Week 7 – Display model – Josh Milkins & Richard Channing

This week our aim was to get our prototype to a point where it could be displayed while showing off its functionality.

We wanted to keep it simple so that it could display the different types of lighting found in the Warwick arms. We purchased a simple desk lamp and some smaller LED lights representing the ceiling lights and ambient wall lighting respectively.


No lights on

Main & Wall On

Main and wall lights on

Main On

Main light on, wall lights off

Wall On

Main light off, wall lights on


Only 2 of the relays are in use for the model, representing section one, but the code will still work for sections two, three and four but the only visual feedback is an audible click and an illuminated LED from the respective relay.

The first relay switches the main light with the command “alexa, turn on section one main lights”

The second relay switches the wall lights with the command “alexa, turn on section one main lights.

The remaining relays can be activated using the command “alexa, turn on section (2, 3 or 4) (main/wall) lights”


The Node MCU, Relay module and amazon echo are positioned to the side of the model to show how it works as well as enabling the user to see the relays actuate when commands are given.


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