Week 10 – Limbs and Things Model – Emily, Thomas and Lukasz

How best to model the design?

The group took time to consider the best route to take when displaying the design without losing any features of the design. We did some initial sketches to try and visualise the thoughts we were generating.

Capture3Our first thoughts were to encase each design in a rectangle casing, like a box almost. On reflection, after chatting to it within the group and with the lecturers, we realised that if we were to model the design in this way would be would lose the realism regards the products from Limbs and Things.

Model Sketches


The sketch on the left shows how we were thinking of displaying the design on the plinth.

Key things we wanted –

Model speaks for itself

Neat wiring, however the Arduino on show

Display boards that were clear and concise





These are the quick sketches we draw to have an idea of how the parts will all come together. We went with a polystyrene semi – cylinder tube, as we thought it was more representative of the human arm / leg. Each sensor has a different ‘limb’, this therefore ensures that the person viewing the display or using one of the sensors, won’t get confused with what the input and outputs are.


After deciding on the polystyrene as the visual for the limb the student was assessing, we wanted to mount it in a position that again, was more realistic. Clear plastic piping allowed us to get the model in the position we wanted and to keep a crisp clean look. Some of the wiring could also be feed through the piping to keep it tidy. The plastic boxing at the front of the display is housing for the Arduino without the risk of wires being pulled lose or damage being done.



Last job to do is to place the circuit into the model.



By  Emily Mortimore, Thomas Elwes, Lukasz Staszewski


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