Week 1 – Research – Josh Milkins & Richard Channing

The Our Idea

Our idea is to decrease energy usage in a pub/bar environment. We intend on doing this by using an interactive service to turn off lighting in unoccupied areas of the pub/bar.

In order to make the service interactive we would use an amazon alexa to communicate with a wifi enable MCU (micro controller unit)

Testing Out the Context

We visited the Warwick Arms, Clutton to test out how our idea would translate into a real word application. We looked at the user interaction (UI) and user experience (UX) to establish whether this would persuade people to conserve energy by turning off lights that aren’t needed. We also looked at how much energy this would save and what benefit this would have.

Different sections withing the pub:


Section 1 – Snug Room

Number of ceiling lights: 13

Number of wall lights: 4


Section 2 – Breakfast Area

Number of ceiling lights: 13

Number of wall lights: 5


Section 3 – Main dining area

Number of ceiling lights:20

Number of wall lights:4


Section 4 – Bar seating area

Number of ceiling lights:9

Number of wall lights:7


Section 5 – Main Foyer & drinking area

Number of ceiling lights:12

Number of wall lights:9


Section 6 – Pool room

Number of ceiling lights:4

Number of wall lights:7

Floor Plan;

Floor plan.png

All of these lights are on from open until close which uses quite a large amount of energy. In total there are:

Ceiling – 71 light

Wall  – 36

Below shows the current energy consumption:

Current Energy use chillwortharms

As you can see there is quite a large amount of energy being used each day, even without considering the cost of using this much energy it isn’t sustainable. Going forward we shall be aiming to make this much more cost and environmentally friendly.

Below is a video showing the user interaction of the concept and how it would work in reality.

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