Project Ilum Kyrie Roberts, Joe Tapson Final Blog

Our final week in the project included the assembly of the final model as well as code refinements. The model involved the use of four, mounted, hexagonal boxes (two of which were fitted with sensors and LEDs/RGBs). The two functional modules were fitted with an Arduino Uno each to accommodate for two separate codes, one of which to change brightness according to distance and the other to change colour from blue to red.

Despite the use of 11 leds for the brightness changing box and 8 rbs (16 leds) for the colour changing box, only 2 PWM pins from each Arduino were used without fully draining the 5v supply. Last week the colour changing RGBs had an issue where the colour would transition from red to blue within 5cm of the ultrasonic sensor when the RGB should have stayed red. This issue was fixed when the code was altered to remove map functions.


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