Arduino project 2 – week 6 – keaney/scotten

This week jemilla and I pulled together all of our componenets for the model and implemented the arduino inputs and outputs into the model. We had gotten our Model to react with sound, and in turn this sound, if loud enough, would cause the door on our model to open using a servo, as well as an LED turning on in our model to illuminate the insides which would otherwise be dark. If the input sound is not loud enough however then the door would open only a small bit then close again. the insides of our model involved a mountain landscape, with a scenic background and snow flying everywhere being driven mainly by a 9V battery as it was far too diffuclt or expensive to incorporate the correct power method into the model. IMG_1437

The model worked very well but due to account restrictions we are unable to upload a video as a demonstration. if we were to make the model again we would investigate a different form for the model and look into powering it properly but otherwise we were very pleased with how it turned out finally as shown below, appropriately named ‘BLIZZARD’


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