Project 2 Final (week 6) – Rayya Hosn & Laurence Osborne

The project has been finalised and all the improvements have been made to the model to give it it’s final effect of a piano conducting music.



As seen above, the whole breadboard is used as we are connecting it to the foils and LEDs. Each of which have 6 of them. (because there are 6 keys/notes on our model)

FullSizeRender (1)

As for the foils seen above, they have come a long way since the previous weeks. We have figured out the secret to a smooth playing note in our model has to do with a clean designed foil. Which has proved right without any temperamental functions this time.

The Model

Final steps of completing the model are seen in the images below

And now it is ready to be peeled off as the paint has dried, in order to place the foils on top of the white keys and the overall effect will be complete.

This is the end Product with the foils and the LED bulbs inserted. Remembering that the Arduino breadboard is hidden underneath.


As seen above, legs have been added to give the piano a platform, as a real piano has.


A link of the working model is found here of the notes, and the LED linked to each individual note working simultaneously.




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