week 5 – arduino project – keaney/scotten

this week jemilla and I have been developing the inside of our model. we have been encountering the problem with our snowballs that when inside the structure, they are sometimes getting caught in sharp corners or falling into areas when the air from the fan cant be reached, or sometimes they get caught in objects within the structure.


to counteract this, we made a curved ramp as our solution, shown below:



the ramp that we devised was curved against the edges of the insides of the cube, this meant that at no point was there a flat surface for the snowballs to rest on and therefore be halted. the only area that was flat that the balls could reach was the other two sides of the fan area as shown in the photo. we had realised that this style of ramp however did not allow us to put any ornaments or anything decorative on the inside of the box and felt we had to come up with a new solution.


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