Sensory Replication using Arduino – Project 2 – Week 5

This week being the final week where we can work on our project we really needed to get things finalised. We had nearly all the parts needed to make this a successful project nearly complete, but none completed.

gund-oliver-hedgehog-alt_1024x1024We started by creating a frame in the body and decided where the servo would sit. The servo is located at the top of the hedgehog’s head, where the arm will be the actuator that gives us a curling up effect. Using thread, we could create a nice connection with no visible joints. We were successful with attaching the servo and it was our first indication that this project could be something emotional for users to interact with


We also finally got to play with all our sensors and outputs and are in the stage of finalising our code and then wiring the sensors to the board to create our effect.

Thomas Bown & Stefan Guiton



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