For our penultimate week we focused on beginning the frame of the final model as well as scaling up the coding to accommodate for more sensors and lights. We started by purchasing new HC-SR04 ultrasonic rangefinders as they were less expensive than our original sensor and hence could be used in greater volume. This variety of sensor has 4 pins instead of the 3 from the parallax sensor (VCC, TRIG, ECHO, GND) and required extra coding to convert the time between emitting and receiving the signal to mm.


Our final composition is made up of 4 separate hexagons, each with an HC-SR04 along with an undecided number of LEDs/RGBs depending on the thickness of the light diffusers. Each Arduino UNO has enough digital pins to power 2 hexagons.

As of this week our model has a completed infrastructure, comprised of cardboard inserts inside hexagonal boxes that are in turn mounted on a vertical board. These have holes drilled through their backs to thread the cables through.


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