Week 4, Project 2 – Charlie Camsell & Charlie Bradley

We modified the pulley system to run through the stem of the flower, rather than wrapping it over exposed rods. We achieved this using a hollow Plexiglas tube, cutting ridges into the top for the nylon string to run over.

We also added an extra petal to each pulley, giving a more impressive appearance to the model.

We attempted to build a full scale sketch model of our final model, attaching a second stepper motor with petals that moved on the opposite side to the first model:

An issue we realised is that as we add more motors to the circuit, it requires more and more power thus making the motors over-strained, giving the motors only half the power but causing them to put out more heat (and adding more motors would only make the model hazardous). We may reduce the number of motors to 3 or even 2, depending on whether or not we can solve this issue.

We purchased a HC-SR04 Ultrasonic Range Sensor which we intend to use as the input for our mechanism.
Below is a test code, printing the readout from the sensor in centimetres:

IMG_20170320_133217 Screengrab HC-SR04 code.png

For the rest of the week we plan on gathering materials to begin building the final model, as well as looking at the final code with the HC-SR04.



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