Sensory Replication using Arduino – Project 2 – Week 4

Another week and more problems from amazon meant that we only received our hedgehog and servo on Friday. This meant that our work was really ground to a halt until Friday. So we made the most of the time in-between to make a little model on how we imagined our hedgehog would move with the servo’s.



From this we drove the tea towel as this was a similar material to the hedgehog we had ordered. It works with the hand operated model to really know what it does it needed servos to drive it.


From Friday, we finally got the hedgehog and servo, a relief and now we could start to see what changes we needed to make to the mechanism. After cutting the hedgehog open we understood that it may be better if only one servo was the driver for the top of the hedgehog. From the video below we thought it would reduce the problems that our mechanism would have with two and still get the same effect.


For the next week we intend to test the new mechanism we decided on and possibly create a final version to drive the hedgehog.

Thomas Bown & Stefan Guiton




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