Arduino Mechanical Peacock: Luke Parfrey, George Cooper. (Week 1)


Following on from our previous project we have decided to expand upon the idea of creating a sculptural and mechanical peacock.

The idea is to explore how a peacock reacts to intimidation and being approached by a human. Henceforth the two positions we are exploring are docile and alert, displayed above.

We have specifically chosen to reference an albino peacock, our reason for this is to get a better impression of how a peacock will look in white, since we currently intend to create a sculptural look that will be best achieved by keeping to a single colour, white.


Our initial model, shown to the left was very basic, it held the basic function of spreading the tail feathers but it seemed prudent to give the peacock a more natural pose, starting with the feathers laid back and raising them only when the sensor (confirm later) is activated.

Fortunately this change of direction doesn’t massively impact the function of our original mechanism, speaking laterally, every function should be achievable using one servo motor and an LDR.

More to come!





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