Week 3 Project 2 – Charlie Camsell & Charlie Bradley

We took more care into our model design, planning out how we’ll be attaching the pulleys and nylon string to the flower and base. We’re currently considering crossing metal rods through the flower head and attaching a ring around the outside to act as a pivot for the nylon, while a plastic pulley moves underneath the base to move the mechanism (using double sided tape to give friction to the pulley):


We built another sketch model using a metal stem and paper petals, showing the movement of one petal ‘falling’. This model did not work particularly well due to poor grip of the string on the pulley:


We had a number of parts we needed for our final model arrive, in particular the fake flowers, pulleys and nylon string. We recreated the same model as before with the new parts that worked significantly better (mostly due to the grip of the pulleys and using correct dimensions):

In the next session we plan to have developed our model further by adding more petal animations (thus more pulleys) and using an ultrasonic range sensor for the input as opposed to the light sensor (see image below).


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