Project 2 Week 3, Rayya Hosn & Laurence Osborne

The Parts Included

Now that the RGB LED’s that we ordered online have arrived, we decided to explore how they function and how they fit into our model. (which we are now able to carry on with it since we have got the exact sizes of the touch sensor and the LEDs)

RGB’s enable an LED to emit different colours either Red, Green, Blue or a combination of these.


Using Arduino we successfully managed to enable an LED to produce a variety of colours.pottttyy

The Model

With the measurements taken, we now have a general shape to work with. The keys are going to be 30mm each. this is because the touch sensors are 25mm and we want to give that extra 2.5mm on each sides of the keys to be able to separate them.

FullSizeRender (3)


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