week 2 – Keaney/Scotten – Secret knock

This week jemilla and I were designing what our model is going to both do and look like. as previously mentio0ned, we are going to stick with the theme of snowfall, but involve a piezo element.

we have decided to make a larger structiure than before, and using the piezo element which will be attached to a door on the model, we will make it so that a secret knock needs to be given in order for the door on the model to open. The door will be opened using a servo, and when this door is opened using the secret knock, a flurry of activity will go off inside out structure, potentially including LED’s lighting the inside of the structure and the fan shall be blowing snow throughout the enclosure.

when designing the structure, in order to save material we were working out how much dowel we would need first.

This is the basic idea of the concept currently whereby the structure is covering up the action within the box, then the door opens to reveal said action when the secret knock is applied.

The structure will consist of three main components, the outer shell to cover everything up and hold the piezo element on the door, followed by the structure within that will hold all the LED’s and allow the snow to safely fly around, and lastly the base to stage the entire project as well as house the arduino elements.


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