Sensory Replication using Arduino – Project 2 week 2

This week we decided that it would be helpful to create a small sketch model based on our new mechanism that would move the hedgehog.  From our sketch model, we discovered that this new way of moving the mechanism would work well. With the new mechanism, we would require two servos to drive the linkage arms. One arm is shorter than the other which represents the hedgehogs head moving in at a slower pace.

We tried to add servos to the sketch model to see if it would work but it became off centred and wouldn’t balance. From this we proposed a second iteration of our mechanism.


From this we propose a rotary movement with the servo that would transmit into the gears which then would allow the arms to rotate from the centre of the mechanism. Now this will provide a more stable and efficient way of moving the arms inside the hedgehog.

Thomas Bown & Stefan Guiton

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