Project 2 – Week 2

Over the past week we have looked at developing the mechanism of the peacock’s tail and how it could be simplified to use only one servo. The solution to this would be to use gears and a pulley rod to move the tail outwards and only using one servo on the gears. This gives us an allowance to add more servos in the model to make the tail move upwards on command as well as the peacocks head to move up when needed.


Another step we took to making the model better was looking at how the tail itself would be constructed using bigger pieces of wood as the base parts of the tail and thus allowing it to become more stable in construction.


Finally we looked at how the overall shape of the model could be developed changing the box to a more natural shape and also looking at adding legs to the model and making the peacock look more realistic.

Samuel Doubleday, Rob Harvey


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