Project 2 – Week 1

In the past week we have looked at ways in improving our project by adding things such as sound to the mechanism to add more authenticity to the project as well as potentially changing the photocell to a motion sensor to get the peacock to react more to its surroundings.

Image result for motion sensor arduino

We have also looked at ways in which the peacock tail could be more appealing looking into thin materials and textiles which could be used as the feathers in the tail. The fabric could be a range of colours and will make the product much more appealing to use and to look at.

Image result for peacock fabric

Another couple ideas we looked as was adding lights to the tail; making the tail light up in a different array of colours when triggered and the tail was moving. On top of this we have looked to improve the model and how the tail mechanism works to try and make the mechanism move as smoothly as possible, making it as efficient as we could.

Rob Harvey, Samuel Doubleday


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