Sensory Replication using Arduino – Week 5

In this last week of the project we had quite a bit of work to do. We started our week with getting the final model built and built well. It took a lot longer than anticipated as the linkage wasn’t working well with the rail system we had. Too much friction or too little friction allowed for the linkage to fail. This was resolved with small 2mm aluminium tubes which allowed a snug fit and a nearly friction-less connection.



We also had to use a different type of code as the initial one worked for one rotation but then looped constantly. This code type is called a switch case code, this allowed us to have a check if the button had been pressed and if it has been pressed currently. With more cases led to more control over the servo which did fix our problem and is all around a better code.


All in all, we were happy with the way the project turned out and were excited to be taking this project to the next level by using it in our next project for the semester.

Thomas Bown & Stefan Guiton (1).gif


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