Joe Tapson, Laurence Osborne Blog week 6

For our final week, we focused on construction of the final prototype. We established the flow chart for our code before assembly of the final model.


The construction of the final model was intent on reducing friction so that the DC motors (with their low torque output) could be able to move the segments. The segments were made using lower thickness PLA as well as use of washers to split the segments and reduce friction.


The motor shield required installation of the adafruit library into the Arduino software. Once installed, the DC motor ran continuously. However, the segments were still too heavy for the motors to move.


To further refine our prototype, our final proposal is that we would motors with inbuilt gearboxes to increase the torque output. The segments would also be replaced with two chassis pieces that are joined via two flexible plastic tubes. This would better emulate the form of a caterpillar’s movement.


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