Final Model & Conclusion, Week 5 – Charlie Camsell & Kyrie Roberts

Our final week of the project had us finishing our model and code to present to the class. We had run into some issues trying to get the temperature sensor working with the step motor, which resulted in a number of changes in the end product.


Our step motor had to have it’s entire library code placed into a separate tab to the main code where some parts had been tweaked to suit us. Also, our temperature sensor seemed to give inaccurate readings whenever we altered where change would be detected (for example, whenever it went past 10 degrees).

We decided to have our motor react whenever we turned a potentiometer past a certain point, thus using the potentiometer instead of the temperature sensor as the input.

The model itself uses a worm gear attached to the motor that moves two other gears to open the leaves – a flower was attached on top for added visual and emotional appeal.


Below is a video of the end product in motion.


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