Week 5 – Arduino

In our final week we have continued to develop our model for our mechanical peacock tail; using experience from past attempts making the arm of the servo move to a certain angle and connecting the two together along with a photocell as our trigger to make the sequence work.


We faced a few difficulties when creating the model firstly by attaching the servo to the tail, making the tail evenly space out and finding the right code to make the servo spread the tail out quickly and then retract slowly once reaching its optimum angle.


The solution to help us out with the tail was to use 2 servos in the circuit to allow the arm to start vertically and both spread out to their respective angles. Once this problem was solved we created the final model and attached the servos to the tail, leaving the Arduino and breadboard in a neatly created box hidden away. The photocell was then left outside the box to allow the user to cleanly touch the sensor and trigger the mechanism.


Samuel Doubleday, Rob Harvey


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