Week 4 – Arduino Project – Keaney & Scotten

This week, Jemilla and I created the environment that we are going to use for our model. it is a cuboid of cardboard with acetate windows and a closed top. The bottom end of the environment will be open partially but covered by a mesh. the reason we are using a mesh is so we can have the particles we place inside the environment be blown around by incoming wind from a fan, yet this will not allow the particles to fall out of the bottom of the environment. this environment will be standing on legs, and underneath it will be a small casing for a motor and fan that will allow it to stand so we can easily slide it under the environment, causing it to blow around the particles when we wish it to do so. when the small polystyrene balls are being blown around they will patter against the walls and top of the environment making soft sounds. The input for our model is going to be a light sensor, and the output will be the movement of the fan on the motor, causing the ‘snow balls’ in our environment to be thrown around whenever a certain degree of light is detected.



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