Firefly night light – Tom, Jacob, lewis

This week as a group we decided to come up with concept designs that would suite our “FireFly Night Light” Arduino model for our physical computing brief.

We firstly need to find out how it works on the Arduino kit and build around the Arduino kit so everything fits together nicely and works. We also need to come up with a design that looks desirable and that would actually work as a FireFly Night Light.

We started to do some sketches from inspiration we found online of Fire Flies and night lights and then determined how we want the Night Light to look like. And from there we needed to determine the dimensions of the FireFly Night Light so we could fit the Arduino kit inside the model. And from there we need to figure out how the Arduino kit will fit to the components of the model (in this case the wings made from piano wire, wood and clear plastic) so we have a nicely sized and finished model.


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