Week 4 Arduino

During this week, Rob and I have considered the coding of a servo and how we could link it to the coding we already learnt about photocells. We have managed to wire the code so that when the photocell is covered (dark) the servo will rotate. Then when the servo is in natural light it will stay in its original position.code

We have also created a new prototype of our peacock tail. This time we have used lollypop sticks and paper to mimic the shape of the tail and how it fans out.


We will be able to link both the coding we have done and the prototype together in the next week. This will bring us towards the closing stage of our project. We also are thinking of wiring in a speaker so sound can be played when the photocell is covered also. We are considering how to code this in and how we could include it within our prototype.

Samuel Doubleday, Rob Harvey


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