Week 3 – Arduino Project

This week Rob and I have been prototyping the two different movements we may use in our Arduino project. We have also done research into sensors and how they can work within Arduino.


The first movement we have prototyped is the tail of the peacock. We have explored the way it fans out and have prototyped this using origami. The reason we have done this was so we could visualise the movement further. We have also now started to research into ways we could place this into a product.


The other movement we have research is the opening of an oyster in response to heat. Again, we have made an origami model just like an oyster with a mouth which opens. This is a more basic movement and would be easier to make into a product but may be too basic for our project. Therefore, we haven’t decided on a final movement yet.


Samuel Doubleday – 15021736

Rob Harvey – 15008666



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