Week 2: Dom Heyland & Toby Nalder

In week 2’s session we learnt to turn an LED on and off using a push button on our Arduino. We both manged to make it work but found the code pretty hard to understand. Hopefully it will become more clear in the coming weeks what each function means.

In terms of our project we have decided to continue firstly with our firefly light project. This will involve several light sensors connected to a light matrix, so that when the light absorbed by the sensor decreases by putting your hand over it, a select few LED’s in the matrix light up. With multiple sensors in a row, waving your hand across them slowly will hopefully create a smooth array of LED’s across the matrix to glow. The Matrix will be put underneath some fabric so the lights are less visible.

Our aim for next week is to look into the hardware we will need and also carry out some research into the necessary code.

Image result for fireflies

Image result for light switch gif


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