Week 2, Arduino Project: George Cooper, Luke Parfrey

Session Recap:

In today’s session the focus was to attempt to use last weeks flashing LED circuit to create an LED circuit controlled by a single push button. At firs the light would only turn on when the button was held but as we progressed the next stage was to have the button control the on and off state of the LED. It was noted that on occasion the LED would “bounce” when turned off, meaning the button would have to be pressed twice in order for the command to register, therefore we touched on a “debouncing” function in order to counteract it. The general function is as follows:


Our Project:

Our project has taken an interesting direction at this stage. The idea around the egg opening and closing revealing the egg inside has progressed to the point where we feel like we know how to actuate the movement. A lever action corkscrew is designed in such a way that when the levers are pulled down to a close the cork is pulled out of the bottle by the screw. We would like to use this mechanism in order to actuate both the opening of the “egg” and the raising of the LED.

This motion would continue until the user held his/her hand over the egg when it would close up and “hide” from the user. Some initial sketches are shown below.imag0459


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