Sensory Replication using Arduino – Week 3

This week we decided to start thinking about the actual model we would be making to represent the curling of the hedgehog. Our thoughts and quick ideation led us to a model that would have a single step motor/cervo that would pull some thin rope.



The sketch above illustrates what we intend to do with the physical model. Each end of a small bar on the end of the motor has a small string attached to the ends of the bar. When the motor/cervo rotates, because of the tension the attached legs will move closer to the motor which causes the rigid structure to curl up into a compact shape.


We produced a small sketch model that gave us a real-life version of our theory. Made from sketch model materials like lolly pop sticks and wire we could get it moving in a similar movement as we sketched out.


Thomas Bown – Stefan Guiton



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