Physical Computing Week 2 – Further Research – Jordan Keaney and Jemilla Scotten

After discussing last week the variations of movement we could do with animals in terms of mimicking them using Arduino, Jemilla and I looked further into the actions for cows and their mannerisms in particular, such as the way in which they bend their legs when sitting, and what order they use their legs in when standing.

We had discussed what sensors we would use for the effect we desire. one route we would like to investigate is using a motor and a moisture sensor. This would work by having the motor lift our cow-like object until in a standing position, but only when the moisture sensor is placed out of water. we are contemplating pacing the motor above the cow and having it attached to the cow from above so when the motor reels in the string, this will lift the cow.

Another method we feel might work is by using a servo to cause the legs of this cow to move up and down as we wish by reacting using the moisture sensor.

The pieces we would need for these methods are;


Image result for servo arduino
Servo Component



Image result for motor arduino
Motor Attached to Arduino Uno
Image result for moisture sensor arduino
Moisture Sensor

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