Week 2 Arduino – Rayya Hosn & Charlie Bradley

This week we have decided to focus on the physical aspect of our project, how it looks. We have started off by producing a few concept sketches, exploring the waters, and seeing what would be able to work well.


During this stage we decided that we might be able to stray away from the blossoming of the Rose and focus on using light sensors to bend towards the light or to represent the life of a Rose. We have create a mood board to express a few ideas/ inspirational items that would help us in animating and conveying our project.

Screen Shot 2017-02-20 at 09.27.19.png

Origami of a Rose

We have also created a sketch model to experiment with some of these techniques. And have found the blossoming of the rose to be the simplest form to portray. From the use of the origami we were able to deduce that the shape of the rose does not have to be realistic, but could be abstract. From this we learnt that we should focus more on the motion of the blossoming than the overall shape.


Due to our very basic understanding of Ardunio, we have decided to stick with the blossoming/dying of the rose.

This week we were walked through a step by step process of how to make a switch. We initially started with clicking the button to switch on the light, then clicking it again to switch off, this could be used in our design to allow for the user to decide when the flower should open or close.


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