Week 2 Arduino Project

This week Rob and I looked further into the design of the oyster shell and the peacock feather. We are still leaving the possibilities of two different movements in place, we are looking to narrow it down to one in the next week.


We have two ideas for an oyster shell. The first design is for a jewellery box. The jewellery box will open when heat is detected near a sensor. This is a very good possibility of a product and reflects the movement of the oyster very well. The other design for the oyster, is a fan which when a sensor detects heat it opens out and begins to rotate the fan


The one design we have for the peacock feather is a spice rack. When the sensor detects movement the spice rack will rotate the arms round to form a fan shape just like the tail of a peacock.img_4843

Samuel Doubleday – 15021736, Rob Harvey – 15008666


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