Laurence Osborne, Joe Tapson Blog week 2

During the second week we continued to learn and explore the Arduino software. We successfully operated LED lights and added resistors to control and reduce the current flow. We discovered that the amount of resistance was dependent on the type of resistors that were given using the ‘electric colour code’ a system, and that having resistors in circuits was necessary due to Ohms law whereby the current through a conductor is directly proportional the voltage with the resistance acting as a constant of proportionality. We learnt the effects of connecting resistances is parallel and in series and the circumstances as to when one is advantageous to the other. We also connected a push button to the circuit board that enabled the LED to be switched on or off.


We discovered how to read data using the serial monitor as after having read the code it produced a series of 1’s and 0’s that were produced by pressing the button, this diagnostic told us whether our circuit and code was set up correctly.



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