firefly – Tom Bolsover, Tudge, Jacob Avent

This week, as a group, we decided the functionality of the firefly model should be that it flaps its wings (via the motor being on and a mechanical flapping mechanism powered by said motor), and flashes its LED. When a hand is passed over the LDR, the motor and LED both turn off for a set amount of time, say ten seconds, and then resume normal function, mimicking ‘swatting’ at the firefly and stopping it buzzing. We wanted to replicate a firefly, and capture it’s essence as simply as possible, and from watching clips of fireflies on YouTube, decided that flapping wings, and a flashing light were the core components needed. The brief requires the model to make a sound, which ours will do mechanically, via the flapping of its wings, with a cam knocking two posts to top the wings, hopefully replicating the buzzing sound of fireflies that we heard on the YouTube clips.


inspiration –


Kusama Fireflies


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