Potential Projects & Further Inspiration, Week 2 – Charlie Camsell & Kyrie Roberts

14c0_muscle_wire_usb_powered_moving_butterflyWith exploring how we could create an opening and closing part to express the temperature, we looked at a few ways of doing this. First was using muscle wire which contracts when an electric current is run through it (see left image as an example of muscle wire in a product). However, this would only contract by 5% and would be hard to keep stationary as the temperature levels off.

The second way was thinking of how we could use a motor to move gears to create the required movement. Kyrie had done a project of a similar nature for mechanics last year so we could use the same design (see below image).

kyrie pic.png

One last thought was how we could use an electromagnet to move ferrofluid or iron filings into a desired shape. We were particularly inspired by watching this video on how you could create a moving sculpture of ferrofluid:

Kyrie also considered how she could make her own ferrofluid using printer ink and oil and making a more simplified design that involves a pool of the liquid and an electromagnet underneath to create a spiked design.




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