Physical Computing Week 1: Jordan Keaney & Jemilla Scotten

For our first physical computing lesson, we were set the task to take inspiration from nature and look for a movement or reaction that takes place which we could turn into physical code and mimic using Arduino Uno. Initially we had ommediately thought of the closing movement a venus fly trap makes when a victim falls onto the opening of the plant, and felt as though we could, using pressure sensors, have a device close its ‘jaws’ when enough weight is registered. However after much contemplation we agreed this reaction was not interesting enough and quite obvious.


After further research was carried out, Jemilla and I had discovered that an old belief is that cows will sit down when they can sense rain is coming. This is for multiple reasons including how temperature effects their milk production. Consequently, we decided upon this reaction and felt in order to translate it to code, it would involve a device lowering or crouching, when a certain degree of moisture is sensed.



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