Week 1 Arduino Project – Dom Heyland, Toby Nalder

In our first session, we managed to make an LED light blink using an Arduino and coding on the computer. We then brainstormed different ideas for our project which had to be inspired by nature. Below are our 3 favorite ideas:

  1. Inspired by ripples in water, we’d like to create the same affect using a pressure sensor to control a moving part, under a tray of water. Using a pressure sensor, we would like to be able to control the frequency of the ripples, the harder you press.


2. Our second idea is inspired by glowing fire fly’s. We would like to use light sensors to illuminate LED’s in a dot matrix so that when it get’s dark they light up. The light sensors would be triggered by either turning off the lights in a dark room, or being covered with your hand. Using multiple sensors will enable us to create an array affect on the matrix.


3. Our final idea was inspired by insects that curl up to defend themselves, wood lice for example. Using a touch sensor, we would produce a 3D mechanical model which would curl up into a ball when the sensor is triggered, and roll out flat again over time.



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