Physical Computing, Biomimicry/Sonic Responsive Systems. Samuel Doubleday, Rob Harvey

Samuel Doubleday – 15021736

Rob Harvey – 15008666

In the first thing, we explored during the tutorial, the endless possibilities of using Arduino Uno. The project brief we were given wanted us to create a working prototype of natural movement that could possibly be used in other ways/ in other products. We created a mind map to give us a starting point for generating ideas.


The first idea which we had was to mimic the way the oyster responds to heat. The way it does this is to open its shell once it is heated (boiled) to a certain temperature. We thought we could mimic this movement by using a heat sensor in the Arduino kit but we found that the possible products we could make were very limited.


The second idea which we had was based on a peacock’s tail and how it responds to danger. We would mimic this by using a motion sensor so that when you get close to the sensor the tail will fan out.



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