Project inspiration/Intro to Arduino – Rayya Hosn & Charlie Bradley

When introduced to this project our initial thoughts were to create a pulsing motion through the use of sound. However, we decided to tone the technical aspect down, and focus on utilising Ardunio to create a simple motion, capable of telling a story. To do this we have decided to use the blossoming of a rose as inspiration for our project.

As you can see from this video, every flower blossoms in different ways, their motions being unique depending on the flower. (Blossoming of a flower video)

We have decided to focus on the Rose as it provides a large motion and symbolises passion, love and desire.

In our first week we were introduced to Arduino, and how we could use codes to allow an LED light to blink. We would be able to use this to create a pulsing motion with our flower, maybe turning on and off a motor when required?

We found the blossoming of a flower to be interesting to impersonate, in relation to music (sound). As the tempo of the music increases, the “flower” will start to open. and by the time the chorus comes in, the flower is opened.

Ocean Waves are another motion we were intrigued by. We imagined having rods flowing up and down in a smooth gliding movement as you run your hand across it. (Sensory)tumblr_oeoslclr1t1sjc5sqo1_400



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