Daniel Rowlands, Arduino theremin post 1

For my first physical computing project I wanted to create something fun and interactive, whilst still being complex enough to push myself with the coding. After looking at different types of output, I decided that sound would suit my project.

I had been fascinated by theremins for a while, so I decided to look into creating an arduino theremin. After looking around for a while I found a project where someone had used a photo resistor to control the pitch of the sound output. To make the project a little more complicated I added a potentiometer to control the volume.

IMAG0589theramin v1 diagram

I managed to find some code for the project online, but I modified the values and added a bit to give me the output I wanted.

I was pleased with how the theremin worked, so I decided to continue with a version 2 of the theremin for part 2 of my project.


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