Curtains that open/close to light_Stacey dart

Hello all,

We were given a brief to make an Arduino controlled project where we had a minimum of 1 input and 2 outputs. I decided to make something that could be used in the household environment on a daily basis and something that hopefully i could use once completing the project.

So with that in mind i thought…  curtains.  A gadget to open and close curtains.

To begin with i looked at curtains that would open and close at a set time, maybe synced with an alarm.  But then thought that it would be nice to implement something where the user/viewer could see something happening prior the curtains opening. With this i finally had an idea, and decided at simulating the Sun rising and setting, to which then opened and closed the curtains.

The next step was to look at components needed to make this project happen;

Servo ( LED attached)

LDR to sense the light

Motor to open/close curtains

H bridge for the motor to rotate 2 ways

Initial concept
Attached to the curtain rail would be 2 pulleys each on one end of the curtain rail. One pulley attached to Motor, the other would be an idler. There would be string around the pulley which when the motor is activated, as it spins one way it would open the curtains and close, when rotating the other way. The LDR would be positioned at the centre of the rail awaiting the Sun’s arrival!
getting the motor to work
Getting the motor working
motor with LED
motor with constant LED
H bridge
The H bridge in oder to make the motor spin in 2 directions
motor with LDR
Getting the motor working with LDR, and adjusting the light levels.
Getting the servo working
Getting all the components to work together.

After getting all the components working separately i thought great… I’m on a roll. Well apparently not! I put all the coding together and that is where it started to go down hill.  There were a few issues regarding power and after trying to fix it multiple times i had to hand what i had as it was.  And with that in the end, did not have enough time to make a jig.  Sooo… seeing that i left the project unfinished and feeling bummed,  i thought well… I have a 2nd chance to make it work on the next project.


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