First project: Coal chute

So we were given a brief of building a small arduino controlled rig/system that had a minimum of 1 ouput & 2 inputs, or 2 inputs and 1 output.

I chose to do a conveyor belt that filled up a small truck, and stopped filling when the truck was full.

So I started by thinking about possible components, and it was clear that a motor was needed, and some form of analog input; I set up a trial circuit.

The first problem came from how does one go about setting two thresholds in one function? (One to start filling, one to stop)

 After a lot of fiddling around with if and for functions (which seemed the easiest option) I stumbled across a ‘switch case’ command. A really useful command that allows you to define a number of situations and processes for each in one command.

Now onto building the rig!

Simple idea, but unfortunately time stole the project away! (Other projects got prioritised over this build) the conveyor belt got built and kind of worked I guess, but the lack of a decent gear box prevented me connecting it all up.

The last problem I had was my FDR didn’t arrive in time for the handin and so I made do with a ROTPOT.

All in all I enjoyed the project but it would have been really great to have got it working all together!


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